Handle Origin

Alright let me tell you a story~

For a while I struggled with figuring out an artist handle for myself, but in the last couple of years finally discovered a name for myself through a previous joint sketch blog I was a part of, called Medical Tequila. It came from the people who ran MedTeq, they thought I was a female when they met me, but in reality I was actually a really effeminate male and the phrase “It’s a trap!” became a running joke between us, and eventually they dubbed me as trap-sama when I joined their blog.

It stemmed from anime, and old internet joke (meme) and alongside being a nickname is a running joke between close friends. In anime, extremely effeminate and petite looking males are dubbed as “traps” because of how people feel fooled for mistaking a male for a female, and they say it as a joke. The phrase “It’s a trap! Turn the fleet around!” is the reason the phrase trap stuck, because it was a reference to Admiral Akbar from Star Wars.


The term is not to be confused with the trans slur because it in no way relates to transgender people at all. It is not meant to be offensive, especially since it is a nickname used in reference to myself and I am a male. I have very high respect for transwomen and think they are absolutely fantastic, and some of my best friends are transwomen. I would never do anything to harm them.


4 thoughts on “Handle Origin

  1. Hm, do you have categories for your blog? I think if you place specific sections in your art, then maybe you’ll gain more views 🙂 but it’s only just me. I like your artwork, by the way!


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